Louise Marie Oliver

Sapphire Light

Louise Oliver is a Member of Rainbow Light Trust,

a not-for-profit, non-denominational organisation, dedicated to promoting greater understanding of the soul sciences, the links between body, mind and consciousness.

Louise is a visual artist, writer and therapist.  She is a founder member of IOU and has many years experience as a theatre practitioner and in cross-art-form collaborations.  IOU has an international reputation and creates a variety of artwork, including indoor and outdoor theatre productions, site-specific events, exhibitions and video and sound installations.  Louise worked consistently with the company since its foundation in 1976 as a performer, co-deviser, writer and maker.

Louise has written in a variety of contexts, including text for theatre productions and sound installations, song lyrics, poems for public sculptures and Afternoon Plays for BBC Radio 4.

Experiences of serious illness in the family led Louise to study the Human Energy Field and Metaphysics with Rainbow Light Trust.  She has trained in Holistic Therapies, to guide Meditation and to teach Toning, which is Healing with the Voice through Sound Vibration.  She manages Ribbons of Light, a global meditation for peace, providing a weekly focus.

Louise’s vibrant paintings are shown at Healing Centres and Galleries and she has led many workshops in Arts Centres, Healing Centres and Colleges. 

Louise Marie Oliver

West Yorkshire,  England

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