Art and Alignment

Louise Oliver ~ I am an artist and writer.  Experiencing serious illness within the family and recovering from major surgery myself has expanded my interest in the role of imagery in healing and the dynamic relationship between consciousness, creativity and health.

Art and Alignment
explores art and creativity in relation to the soul journey and healing.  Creative activity, when aligned with higher awareness, can bring the messages of the soul into physical expression and become a powerful force for healing.  My personal experiences of Art and Alignment are outlined in the booklets and videos below.



Exploring Art and Alignment

A Healing Journey
Part One – Restoring the Flow

Part Two – Mapping Soul Memories

Part Three – The Object In Hand


Restoring the Flow
A story told through three paintings.
A trilogy of short videos ~ each focusing on one of the paintings: The Source of the River, Among Thorns and Grass Grows, River Flows.

It’s Never Too Late~ a short video about Betty Warters, who started painting at the age of 82, enabling her to release burdens and heal memories of pain, grief and loss.

View a Trailer for ‘Restoring the Flow’

Art and Alignment has to do with the connection of spirit and matter and with the soul’s expression through imagery and creative activity.  Art practices are tools of the soul and engaging with creative activities can be the means of healing deep wounds.  We live in times when it is an urgent matter to make space for creativity and develop ways to return soul to everyday life.

My Story
An account of how I came to discover the life changing work of Carol Lamb

 Choosing To Live
Listen to a radio programme on Paranormal Matters, where I am interviewed by Jennifer Warters, discussing topics of childhood perceptions, past life memory and art as the healer.

Listen to a short recording, as I describe my own experience of the Emerald Alignment and the transformative effect it has had on my life.





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