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In 1975, I graduated in Fine Art and soon joined with a group of artists, writers and musicians to form the theatre company IOU.  I fell in love with theatre as a place where different art forms – such as dance, sculpture, music, poetry, painting and film – could come together and interact.

As a company, we devised all of our own original work and for many years I was busy touring throughout Britain and Europe on an intensive schedule.   I was a core artist with IOU, working as a performer, visual artist, writer, deviser and maker of props, sets and costumes.  The company worked indoors and out, often transforming unusual sites and buildings into striking performance venues.  It was hugely creative work, exhilarating and demanding.  By the turn of the century, however, I had been overworking and living on adrenaline for a long time and it took its toll on my health.

I first came to the work of Carol Lamb  in 2001 during a traumatic time in my life.  I was feeling distraught and looking for help for my eldest son, who had developed a serious mental health condition.  I began attending a weekly meditation and it was a lifesaver for me.  The method being taught was simple and involved breathing through the subtle colours of the energy field.  The process was then completed with the Emerald Alignment and I found that the Emerald Alignment process was key to all of Carol’s work.  The practice of meditation and energy alignment came to be placed at the heart of my own life.  I went on to lead meditation groups and now manage Rays of Peace ~ a global meditation with a weekly focus.

I booked in for therapies and classes, attending the STEPS teachings, as well as workshops and seminars led by Carol Lamb, who founded The Academy of Spiritual Sciences.  I began training in metaphysics and holistic therapies, which was life changing.  I trained in Toning, as both a teacher and a therapist, with Jennifer Warters.  I came to recognise that we are all souls undertaking our own journeys and each with personal responsibility for our choices and our growth.  It was while I was training as a Soul Recall Therapist that I was prompted to return to my first love of painting and I started my project Sapphire Light.

In recent years, I’ve been through some very challenging times and have faced serious health problems myself and also within the family.  In 2013, I had a major operation to remove a massive tumour from my chest cavity.  I was lucky to be alive and breathing!

In recovering from surgery, I began to make paintings, drawings, collages, objects and assemblages.  I’ve always been drawn to explore ways of combining words and imagery and I found that creative work helped me release some deep-seated memories, emotional blocks and mental patterns.

My recovery was greatly assisted by The Living Memory Research Trust.   Throughout this period of life-threatening illness and recovery, I was grateful to have the support of the Emerald Alignment.  I have experienced first hand how this method can help us physically, emotionally and mentally, as well as connecting us to our higher awareness.  In the years that followed, my experience of the Emerald Alignment process deepened.  I’ve found it to be a key element in releasing blocks and restoring balance through intuitive connection and creative flow.

Art and Alignment provides details of the ways in which creative practice has assisted my healing process.  It is vital to learn how to exercise our abilities in a way that is good for growth, individually and collectively.  In the midst of pain and trauma, through the work of Carol Lamb, I found my spiritual path and embarked on integrating my work as an artist, teacher and therapist.  We can find our way to the light even in the darkest of times but we do need help.  I know from experience that there are practices available to make a whole world of difference and I invite you to explore them through these pages

Art and Alignment looks at the importance of strengthening our connection to higher awareness and engaging with creativity and imagination.  I share my own personal stories of healing through art  and creativity in ‘Restoring the Flow’‘Mapping Soul Memories’ and ‘The Object In Hand’.

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Choosing To Live
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