Rays of Peace

Thank you for joining with others worldwide to help create positive change.

For Two Weeks.
Weeks beginning Monday 14th & Monday 21st September 2020:

Asking for assistance, care and relief.

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Rays of Peace provides a weekly focus for Global Peace, inviting all to meditate, wherever they may be in the world.  Here is an opportunity to join together with positive focus and intent.  As well as experiencing the benefits of meditation on a personal level, we can join with others with powerful effect, asking for assistance for people in difficulty and supporting healing for the environment and for the life forms of the Earth. 

By linking to the weekly focus and bringing an intention of peace for the Earth, we can connect with one another and help in creating positive changes for all who inhabit the beautiful planet that we share.  All life is conscious and interconnected and positive thought affects the environment, supporting the wellbeing of the whole.  The effect is magnified when this is done with collective intention and repetition.  

It is beneficial for us to meditate on the current focus at any of the quarters of the clock, 3.00, 6.00, 9.00 or 12.00, am or pm, in our own local time.  In this way we create waves of positive energy around the globe.

Connecting with a weekly focus

Joining together with others worldwide

Asking for assistance for all those in need on earth

Sending waves of positive energy throughout the planet

Focusing collectively on peace and harmony to make a real difference

Here you may listen to the Peace Tones to accompany your meditation:

Resources for Meditation


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