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When I was first introduced to the teachings of Carol Lamb, I was taught a simple and effective method of meditation, incorporating the Emerald Alignment.   The Emerald Alignment strengthens our immune system and increases our resilience to all form of stress – physical, mental and emotional.  Practising the Emerald Alignment connects us to our intuition and increases our creative potential.

This accessible method of meditation can be used by all.  Regular practice begins to rebalance the subtle energy field, which flows in and around the physical body and our thoughts and feelings are brought into greater harmony.

There are many methods of meditation practice and in all of them we need to be willing to stop in the midst of our busyness and to become still.  We often find that this is a bigger challenge than it sounds!  

Yet when we take time to turn away from the outside world and go inwards, we can bring greater peace and balance to everyday life.  Practising meditation brings calm to our lives and releasing tension encourages the activating life force to flow throughout the energy systems.  As we become more receptive to higher vibrations and experience greater harmony ourselves, we are able to have an increasingly positive influence on the world around us.  

resources for meditation:

Listen to a meditation accompanied by the Peace Tones.
Meditation ~ incorporating the Emerald Alignment
View Handbook.


   See the YouTube Playlist.
A place of rest and recuperation to regenerate body and mind.
Experience the Emerald Alignment and listen to a calming meditation with music from the harp, played by Rebecca Penkett.


Rainbow Waterfall
Journey to a place of peace and bathe in the rainbow colours.A relaxing meditation with music by Michael Lewis Kowalski.



Rays of Peace
  ~  Join with many others worldwide.
Connect with a Global Meditation with a Weekly Focus.
Contribute to a positive flow of energy, assisting those in need around the world.



Blogs  ~ See a range of articles on the subject of meditation, personal and planetary.


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