Current Meditation Focus

for the week beginning Monday 22nd July 2019:

Asking for peace to prevail

Tensions in the Persian Gulf have soared in recent weeks and the situation is increasingly volatile.  The animosity between Iran and the United States increased in May 2018, when President Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from the nuclear deal and reimposed crippling sanctions on the country.  All other signatories, including the UK, have remained committed to the deal, which curbs Iran’s nuclear activities in return for the lifting of sanctions.  The UK detained an Iranian ship off the coast of Gibraltar earlier this month, claiming a breach of EU sanctions.  Iran has now seized a British-flagged oil tanker in retaliation, saying that the UK “must cease being an accessory to the economic terrorism of the US”.  All UK-flagged, managed or owned vessels have been advised to avoid transits of the Persian Gulf unless a naval convoy can be guaranteed.  In a letter to the UN Security Council, the UK has accused Iran of “unacceptable and highly escalatory” action.  US troops are being deployed to Saudi Arabia, “to defend American interests in the region”.  Meanwhile, Iran is reported to have detained and tried seventeen people, who it claims are CIA spies, and has sentenced some of them to death. 

Asking for peace to prevail

Please connect during the coming week for a short meditation
to provide a positive flow of energy, assisting those in need around the world.

Here you may listen to the Peace Tones to accompany your meditation:

Connecting with a weekly focus

Joining together with others worldwide

Asking for assistance for all those in need on earth

Sending waves of positive energy throughout the planet

Focusing collectively on peace and harmony to make a real difference



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