Current Meditation Focus

for the week beginning Monday 6th July 2020:

Asking for assistance and strength for all those affected by floods.

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Extreme weather has caused flooding and landslides in western Japan and more torrential rain is forecast for coming days.  A number of rivers broke their banks and there are warnings that others are in danger of doing so.  Torrential rains continue to batter the southwestern island of Kyushu.  Forty people are reported to have had died in the floods, including fourteen residents of an elderly care home.  At least eleven people are reported missing.  Tens of thousands of firefighters, coast guard personnel and members of the Self-Defence Forces have been engaged in rescue and recovery efforts.   More than 200,000 residents in the worst-hit Kumamoto prefecture were advised to evacuate, although some people are reported to be reluctant to go to shelters, over fears of coronavirus infection.  About 2,000 homes are said to be cut off by floodwaters and more than 4,500 to be without power.

Please connect during the coming week for a short meditation
to provide a positive flow of energy, assisting those in need around the world.

Here you may listen to the Peace Tones to accompany your meditation:

Connecting with a weekly focus

Joining together with others worldwide

Asking for assistance for all those in need on earth

Sending waves of positive energy throughout the planet

Focusing collectively on peace and harmony to make a real difference



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