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For the week beginning 21st January 2019


Asking for assistance for the people of Sudan and a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

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In Sudan, nationwide protests, which have been taking place almost every day for a month, are gathering momentum.  Demonstrators are angry at the economic crisis in the country, with rising prices and shortages of food and fuel.  They are protesting at the incompetence and corruption of their government and also at the brutality.  They are demanding the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir, who has been in power since a military coup in 1989.  Mr. Bashir has blamed the country’s economic problems on international sanctions and the enemies of Sudan, who wish to prevent progress.  There has been a crackdown on the demonstrators by security forces, with hundreds of arrests and dozens of people being killed.  The police are reported to have dragged injured protesters from hospital beds and to have particularly targeted lawyers, doctors and journalists.  Nicholas Kristof, writing in The New York Times, says: “The people of Sudan need the world’s help to protect them from their genocidal president.”  Amnesty International has called for lethal force to cease immediately and for the unconditional release of peaceful protesters.  It also asks for an investigation into those who have committed crimes against civilians. 

Asking for assistance for the people of Sudan and a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

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