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For the week beginning Monday 18th March 2019

Cyclone Idai

Asking for assistance, support and strength for all those affected.

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Cyclone Idai has brought torrential downpours and caused devastation across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, causing flash floods.  The powerful storm has killed at least 62 people in Mozambique and 65 people in Zimbabwe and the death toll continues to rise.  Even before the cyclone made landfall, heavy rains earlier this month had already claimed 66 lives in Mozambique and 56 in Malawi, with tens of thousands of people displaced.   

Cyclone Idai has destroyed homes, bridges and roads, which is making rescue efforts difficult.  High winds and dense clouds have hampered military rescue helicopter flights.  Communities have been left without electricity, crops are damaged and more heavy rain is anticipated.  More than a million people have been affected, including tens of thousands who have been displaced.  In some areas dozens of people are thought to be missing.  Many homes have been left without roofs and many people are stranded and in urgent need of humanitarian aid.  Domestic and wild animals are in distress.

90% of the port city of Beira in Mozambique has been destroyed and the airport closed.  When a large dam burst it shut the last road to the city, cutting off more than half a million people.  Beira is a gateway for imports to landlocked countries in southeast Africa.

Asking for assistance, support and strength for all those affected.

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Asking for assistance for all those in need on earth

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