Current Meditation Focus

For the week beginning Monday 20th March 2023.

Asking for assistance for all those in southeast Africa affected by Cyclone Freddy and flooding.

View a Map of southeast Africa.

Cyclone Freddy has been one of the longest-lived storms ever recorded and has left a trail of devastation in southeast Africa, where the death toll is expected to rise.  The hurricane-force winds brought large storm surges and many people have been swept away by raging waters or buried under landslides.
In Malawi, more than four hundred people have died in the flooding.  Tens of thousands of people have been left homeless and many homes have been flattened, buried under mud  or washed away by flood waters.  People have been cut off from food, water, electricity and health facilities and rescue teams are still searching for those stranded by the flood waters.  Farmland and crops have been devastated and it is said that millions of people are affected by the floods and landslides. 
In Mozambique, at least 67 people have died and 50, 000 are displaced. 
On the island of Madagascar, at least 17 people were killed.
There are concerns over the spread of disease in the aftermath of the flooding.

Please connect during the coming week for a short meditation
to provide a positive flow of energy, assisting those in need around the world.

Here you may listen to the Peace Tones to accompany your meditation:

Connecting with a weekly focus

Joining together with others worldwide

Asking for assistance for all those in need on earth

Sending waves of positive energy throughout the planet

Focusing collectively on peace and harmony to make a real difference



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